Kueh Lapis Sagu Collar Pin Sold out
Kueh Lapis Sagu Collar Pin
Kueh Lapis Sagu has 9 colourful chewy layers, hence, also called 九層糕 (9 layers cake). It is mainly made of coconut + tapioca and each layer is being steamed individually. littlecraftsHQ had to make this because it brings back the joy of peeling every layer by layer and savour this sweet snack slowly since childhood. (: With its pretty colours, it’s very hard to miss this on a kueh shelf! Every miniature Kueh Lapis Sagu is individually hand sculpted and carefully crafted to its finest details. Measurements Each Kueh Lapis Sagu measures 1.1cm in length and is made of polymer clay, attached to a gold collar pin. This listing is for ONE Kueh Lapis Sagu collar pin only. 
Pineapple Tart Pin
Pineapple Tart Pin
Golden-brown pineapple tarts (黃梨塔) are well loved treats for most Chinese households during the Chinese New Year. Pineapple, in Hokkien, is “ong lai”, which means prosperity is arriving and it symbolises good luck and prosperity for the home. Here is a mini representation of the open faced pineapple tart, where golden pineapple jam sits on a buttery flat pastry tart. It’s really hard to resist reaching for another one of these melt-in-the-mouth goodness during the festive season! Every piece of miniature pineapple tart is individually hand sculpted and crafted to its finest details. Measurements Each pineapple tart measures 15mm or 20mm in diameter and is made of polymer clay, attached to a rhodium plated brooch pin. This listing is for ONE Pineapple Tart Pin only.