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Ondeh Ondeh Globe Ring


Ondeh Ondeh are bite sized boiled glutinous rice balls stuffed with gula melaka (palm sugar) goodness and rolled in freshly grated coconut. It’s really delightful to have the gula melaka centres burst in your mouth when you take a bite of the chewy exterior of this traditional nonya kueh.

Here we have the miniatures of the typical flavours of Ondeh Ondeh – pandan, orange and purple sweet potato, tumbling around in a glass globe.

The Ondeh Ondeh Globe Ring contains 12 mini Ondeh Ondeh in pandan green, sweet potato orange and sweet potato purple, complete with coconut shavings.

Every piece of Ondeh Ondeh is individually hand sculpted and carefully crafted to its finest details.


Each Ondeh Ondeh measures 0.4cm in diameter and is made of polymer clay.

The adjustable bronze globe ring is approximately 2.2cm in diameter.

This listing is for ONE Ondeh Ondeh Globe Ring, containing 12 miniature pieces of Ondeh Ondeh. 

* Note – This ring is not waterproof, please remove before coming into contact with water.

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